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(1910 – 1983)

 The Age of Colored Stone and Steel


Exhibition Dates:  September 5 – October 25, 2014  

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 5, 6:00 – 8:00 P.M.



Not dated

32 x 30 inches



Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, a self-described Freelance Artist, Poet and Sculptor, Inovator [sic], Arrow maker and Plant man, Bone artifacts constructor, Photographer and Architect, Philosopher, never found contentment in the real world, except through his love for creating art and his adoration of his life mate, Marie.  His was the world of dreams, ideas, escape, time travel and creating worlds of his own in far off undiscovered sectors of the Universe, far beyond Earth.

 Born in the year that Halley’s Comet passed by our planet, Von Bruenchenhein spent much of his life exploring the unseen and unexplained relationship inherent in living things – human, cosmic and everything in between.  He sought and provided answers to the largest of questions.  Why is there no wall beyond the fringe of the Universe?  Because something always lies beyond a wall, and because no Universe can be contained.   The Age of Colored Stone and Steel celebrates the extraordinary vision and, in particular, the architectural fantasies, of a complex and expansive mind; a mind in which existed worlds beyond normal human comprehension.  Appropriately, later on in life, Von Bruenchenhein addressed the apparent public rejection of his theories on life and the beyond . . . There are many of us who cannot be understood, whatever the cost, the urgent need is there and we persue [sic] our course to the end.

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